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pulse is the cause for the blood to flow, which is destinctive of life. pulse is also the n-th ep of the mentally conjoined triplets called Aleks #N, where N is an element of {1..3]. whatever.
pulse mirrors two days in the life of Aleksandi, a non-human person from a distant solar system. (let’s call it X, where “X” is completely worn out. therefore we call it Z). Aleksandi accidently slipped thorugh a worm hole to planet earth. Ever since that day she’s trapped inside a human body and suffers from the seediness of the planet. The inhabitants of Z are energy signals that propagate through Z’s different types of what in older days was called ether. In Z there is no matter. People of Z have no bodies. That’s one of the reasons the signals don’t die.
There was this wormhole. It caught Aleksandi. She felt stabbing pain with burning rays through her yet non existing eye sockets as massive amounts of her energy were wrasted from her and transformed into matter, a human body alloy condemnded to die. It was a fright to find out, that life attenuates you to death. Driven by her hunger for eternal life she figured out an idea. She began to track every single thing she was doing. She would use her shrunken limited lifetime to create a pattern of herself. She would track every single detail and activity of her inhabited body that could take part in generating the person Aleksandi would be on the day she’ll die. This way she would create a template that would exactly replicate the persona of Aleksandi in a hopefully better era. Over and over again.
The stabbing pain came back when Aleksandi cut a tissue sample out of her chest. The prospective kernel of her replica. She started keeping it in a glass vial filled with tears. The next day she had it hanging around her neck. Cloning, that’s all there is to say. One day she would relpicate the body and then make it run her script.
As days went by it got quite difficult to cope here on this planet. People are different. The fact that here they live in bodies seems to be the core of the concept of ownership and posession. Nobody wants to be attenuated to death. Matter equals energy. The more matter, the more energy there is to attennuate, the longer it takes to sink beneath the death threshold. Well, that somehow has to be the reason.
As the weeks went by Aleksandi increasingly got depressed, screwed up and screwed over. The only thing that pushed her was the idea of her replication, she felt she had to create the best template possible. Her plan was the only thing that kept her grounded.
Her representation won’t have her will, it probably won’t have any will. She doesn’t know, if there is a possibility to cultivate any spirit for her future vessel she won’t ever be in. She knows her replict will be shaped and disturbed by the seedy underbelly of this planet. In order to endure this harrowing truth, she tries to construct a skeleton made of trust in humanity that upholds her fantastic lunatic concept of reproduction. With every day that passes she gets progressively possessed by her own idea. She gets consumed by it in a larger amount than goods get on this planet in the end of december. She starts to understand, what it means to be mortal. She starts to feel, what it’s like to be consumed. She starts to sense, what it’s like to be reduced to matter. The skeleton collapses under the load. The stabbing pain with burning rays comes back, but this time it’s different. She destroys her glass vial.


released December 29, 2016




high dart Berlin, Germany

We lost our ability to write teenage songs when we turned 20. It was absurd.

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